14th RENGO Biennial Convention held

07 October 2015

RENGO has successfully concluded its 14th Biennial Convention on 6-7 October 2015 in Tokyo. In the Convention, we adopted our Action Policies 2016-2017 which guides our overall activities for 2 years to come. Among others, Action Policy 7 deals with our international actions titled "Realizing a Sustainable Society through Fair Globalization", with emphasis on "Promoting Decent Work", "Promoting responsible business conduct by multinational enterprises", "Promoting development cooperation for poverty eradication", "Protecting and establishing human rights, trade union rights and democracy", and "Joint actions with Global Unions and overseas trade unions".

The Convention also elected its new leadership; for the first time since the 11th Biennial Convention in 2009, all the 3 top office bearers, namely President, Deputy President and General Secretary, were replaced. Here are our new leaders:

  • Brother Rikio KOZU, President,
  • Brother Atsushi KAWAMOTO, Deputy President, and
  • Brother Naoto OHMI, General Secretary.

Thanking you for your kind and generous support and assistance extended to our retiring officers, Brother Nobuaki KOGA, Former President, and Sister Naomi OKAMOTO, Deputy President, among others, your firm and continued cooperation and guidance would be much appreciated.

RENGO has in the latest Convention reaffirmed its determination to strive for clearing a path to a "secure society based on work" by supporting a movement for all workers. Restating our commitment to the international trade union movement, we would hope to play our role to the fullest capacity in solidarity with our fellow colleagues.