RENGO Statements and Views

Statement on the adopted conclusion at the Committee on the Application of Standards, and Recommendation of the Committee on Freedom of Association

25 June 2018
Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO)
Yasunobu AIHARA, General Secretary
  1. Japanese Government is requested to address basic labour rights issue.

    On June 8th, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) adopted the report of the Committee on the Application of Standards at the 107th International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland. Concerning the restrictions on basic labour rights of public employees in Japan, the Committee requested Japanese Government to hold consultations with social partners, and formulate and report action plan for the implementation of the Recommendation on the issues of the autonomous labour-employer relations system and the right to organise of firefighters and prison staff. We evaluate this result which reflects arguments and opinions we made so far.

  2. 11th Recommendation from the Committee on Freedom of Association means much.

    On June 9th, ILO Governing Body approved the report of the Committee on Freedom of Association. The report includes 11th Recommendation to the Japanese Government in light of progress regarding the basic labour rights issue of public employees in Japan which RENGO and others complained in 2002.
    The Recommendation requests to engage meaningful consultation with the social partners concerned without further delay, and expects that the necessary legislative amendments will be enacted, to grant; basic labour rights to public employees, the right to organise and collective bargaining to firefighters and prison staff, and the rights to bargain collectively, to conclude collective agreements, and to strike to public employees not engaged in the administration of the State. By this Recommendation, it is once again highlightened the peculiarity of the situation in Japan by international standards even though Japan is advanced country. The Government should take seriously this repeated Recommendations.

  3. The national Diet and the Government should take the report and recommendation seriously and respond promptly.

    The report and recommendation by ILO shows strong concern of the international community to this issue once again. We urge the Japanese Government to take these report and recommendations seriously and to respond promptly. Concerning the issue, three bills relating to the reform of the national public servant system, which includes measures to grant basic labour rights and autonomous labour-employer relations system, is now being submitted to the House of Representatives in this ordinary session of the National Diet jointly by Democratic Party For the People, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, parliamentary group consist of independents, and the Social Democratic Party. We also urge the early deliberation and enactment of those bills in order to solve this issue.
    RENGO continues to work together with relevant organisations to promote initiatives aimed at realising a democratic and transparent reform of public servant system that contributes to the higher quality public services.