Condolences from JTUC-RENGO to Prof. Ronaldo Dore,

04 December 2018
Prof. Ronaldo Philip Dore, outstanding sociologist, authority of studies of Japan and had been giving RENGO crucial advices on its activities for a long time, has passed away in 13th November in the hospital in Bologna, Italy. RENGO greatly appreciates his cooperation in the past and respectfully offer its condolences.

He made remarkable achievement in comparative research of Japanese economy and social structure and capitalism and also gave us suggestions to the activities whenever possible. He was Emeritus professor of University of London, Honorary Doctor of Letters of Doshisya University, Honorary Doctor of Meiji Gakuin University, honorary fellow of London School of Economics, fellow of the British Academy, foreign honorary member of American Academy of Arts and Science, honorary member of the Japan Academy and so on to name a few. Born in Bournemouth, UK in 1925.