RENGO made request to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to condemn Myanmar military coup

24 February 2021

On 19 February, Japanese Trade Union Confederation (JTUC-RENGO) made a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to condemn the military coup in Myanmar.

At first, Mr. AIHARA, General Secretary of RENGO, handed the request letter to Mr. KOKUBA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Motobayashi, Executive Director of RENGO, explained the contents of the request letter, stressing in particular the following points;

  • Do not recognize or appease the military, which has used violent means to stop the democratisation process that finally began in 2011.
  • Economic sanctions should be imposed on the military. We call for comprehensive sanctions against all companies owned by the military, including their supply chains, to stop any and all revenue to the military.
  • Protect the sufficient safety of people of Myanmar inside and outside Myanmar who have been persecuted by the military, as well as Japanese people in the region.

Mr. KOKUBA responded that, “We are grateful for the RENGOs continuous contribution to the Myanmar, and we take this request seriously. The Government of Japan also takes the military coup with grave concern. We strongly urge the Myanmar military to cease its violent response to civilians, to release those detained, including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, and to restore the democratic system as soon as possible. We will take advantage of the relationship between Japan and Myanmar's military to engage in dialogue with the military regime, while considering what is the most efficient means to find a solution.”

Mr. AIHARA said, "I hope government’s effort will be maintained with the international cooperation. There are expectations from the industrial sector for Myanmar. We are aware that economic sanctions have both positive and negative effects, but any further violent developments could have a significant impact on local economic and social activities. RENGO will do all it can to ensure that the momentum for democratisation is not undermined. We strongly ask the government for its continued support.”

RENGO remains committed to the transition of Myanmar to civilian rule and will do its utmost to ensure that this happens.

Request Letter to Minister for Foreign Affairs from JTUC-RENGO