"Council on Social Security Review" Convened

04 August 2004
On July 30, a forum seeking comprehensive reform of the social security system, the establishment of which RENGO President Sasamori had already proposed to Prime Minister Koizumi, was held as a "Council on Social Security Review."

This Council will create a new, ironclad social security system taking into consideration requests by labor and management, a tri-party agreement among the Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic and New Komeito Parties regarding pension system concerns, as well as the government's Thick-boned Policies 2004 (formally known as the "Basic Policies for Economic and Fiscal Management and Structural Reform”). In an effort to bring about fundamental reform, the Council will organize its points by the end of the year and compile its conclusions in the form of report and statement within FY 2006 on a total revision of the system including ideal modality for such burdens as taxes / insurance premiums and benefits.