11th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

26 August 2004
On August 20th, RENGO held its 11th Central Executive Committee Meeting at SOHYO Kaikan Hall in Tokyo. The following agenda points were discussed.

11th Central Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Friday, August 20, 13:30-16:00
Place: Large Meeting Room on the second floor of Sohyo Kaikan Hall

1.Appointment of acting officials in conjunction with the change of official members at affiliated organizations
2.Filling of upcoming vacancies left by members of the board of officials recommendation committee
3.Recommendation, replacement, and terms of office for government council members, etc.
4.RENGO's urgent response to the FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) and EPAs (Economic Partnership Agreements)
5.Urgent activities on the public service system reform
6.Summary of the 2004 Spring Struggle
7.Response to the industrial court system
8.Support for RENGO Local of Kumamoto for the trial of "illegal subcontracting/ breaking a labor law case in the town of Yabe"
9.Establishment of a RENGO project targeting Industrial Safety and Health Law revision
10.Activities for a movement on industrial safety and health this fall
11.RENGO activities for drawing up revision bill of Equal Employment Opportunity Law, and activities for realizing revision of the law (preliminary draft)
12.Summary of the 20th House of Councilors election
13.Backup activities for Japan Professional Baseball Players' Union
14.Matters relating to the "RENGO Philanthropic Fund"
Niigata and Fukui prefectures torrential rain disaster relief fundraising
Draft for allocation of funds gathered in FY2003
General procedures and bylaws for administration
Activities for 2004 RENGO Central Women's Rally
RENGO-RIALS (JTUC Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards) conducting a survey regarding gender issues in trade unions
Conducting a hearings survey on the RENGO proposed labor contract law
Preparation of the 93rd Session of the International Labour Conference
Preparation of the 18th ICFTU-APRO Regional Conference
Holding 7th RENGO Youth Forum
Holding the 4th RENGO Leaders Seminar
Holding the 2004 National Senior's Rally
August-September Schedule