2004 Spring Struggle Summary

Results to Strengthen Small-and-Medium-Sized/Local Joint Struggles Evaluated

26 August 2004
A summary of the 2004 Spring Struggle was endorsed at the 11th Central Executive Committee Meeting held on August 20th.

RENGO furthered its activities to improve the general quality of life, placing the 2004 Spring Struggle as a "fight to stop the deterioration of employment and living conditions, and to raise the base level of labor conditions and working methods." RENGO pushed its activities forward despite worries for jobs and living conditions. Even with that, the summary favorably evaluated RENGO’s activities that succeeded in conquering management's attempt to reduce wages and put the brakes on a downslide trend in wage hike results due to efforts that included the intensification of joint struggles among small-and-medium-sized and local unions which RENGO as a whole had worked on full-out. The summary stated that RENGO was not entirely successful in the realization of pension system reform therefore, fortification of social movements is still necessary for the future.