17th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

25 January 2005
On January 20, RENGO held the 17th Central Executive Committee Meeting at the Ikenohata Bunka Center Hall in Tokyo. The matters discussed at the meeting were as follows.

17th Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Date & Time: Thursday, January 20, 13:30-16:00
Place: Ikenohata Bunka Center Hall

1.Providing contributions from the RENGO Philanthropic Fund
Indian Ocean Earthquake / Tsunami disasters Relief
Emergency humanitarian relief and assistance for Sudanese refugees
Support for the 2005 Special Olympics World Winter Games, Nagano
2.Spending on large-scale disaster responses (draft)
3.Activity policies to realize the Policies and Systems toward 2005 Spring and the 162nd ordinary session of the Diet (draft)
4.RENGO's stance on the CSR (corporate social responsibility) (draft)
5.Continuation of the "Get a receipt and check your medical fees" movement (draft)
6.2005 Principles for activities targeting minimum wage (draft)
7.Response to 18th ICFTU-APRO Regional Conference
8.Funding to the OECD-TUAC (Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD) projects
9.Recommendation of candidates for various elections
10.Reinforcing demands regarding the gist of basic guideline of the Law to Protect Civilians in the event of an armed attack
11.Stance and ideas on making new "RENGO officials regulations" and "sanctions against organizations"
12.Recommendation of council members
The 6th Hijudai 10,000 Person Rally demanding consolidation and reduction of U.S. military bases (Oita Prefecture)
Holding the 3rd RENGO Locals liaison conference on U.S. Forces live-ammunition drills
On Participating in the 2005 National Rally Demanding the Return of the Northern Territories
FY 2004-05 registered affiliated organizations and operation systems at the industrial liaison council
Conducting a survey in the U.S. on "White Collar Exemption"
Holding the first Gender Equality Lecture
Schedule for January to February 2005

The 2nd Central Struggle Committee
1.2005 Spring Struggle
Urgent Policy (Part 2) (draft)
Holding the "Gathering of Part-time/ Contract-based Workers"
3.8 International Women's Day National United Action activity (draft)