6th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

17 March 2004
On March 11th, RENGO held its 6th Central Executive Committee Meeting at the Ikenohata Bunka Center in Tokyo. The matters discussed were as follows:

6th Central Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Date and Time: Thursday, March 11, 13:30-16:00
Place: Ikenohata Bunka Center

1.2004 Minimum wage activity policy (draft)
2.FY 2004 mid-term settlement of accounts
3. Financing small and medium-sized worker measure funds (draft)
4.Activities for Gender Equality Month (June) (draft)
5.Extension of term of the Burma Office Japan
6.RENGO Political Center-related matters
·Endorsement of national election candidates
·Holding the “2nd Mass Action Fortification Training Seminar”
·Postponing the RENGO Disabled Person’s Assistance Project in Thailand (activities of the RENGO Fraternal Assistance Network)
·Holding the “2nd Union Expansion Organizer Training Workshop” (draft)
·Holding the “Part-time/Contract Workers Unionization Symposium”
·Schedule for March to April

The 4th Central Struggle Committee
1.2004 Spring Struggle: Trends in demands and the current state of small-and-medium-sized union enrollment.