Statement of GS

Statement: The new UN Iraqi resolution and PM Koizumi’s pledge to SDF participation in the multinational force

11 June 2004
Tadayoshi Kusano
General Secretary
The United Nations Security Council on 8 June adopted a new resolution (No. 1546). The resolution welcomed that the Coalition Provision Authority (CPA) would cease to exist and that Iraq would reassert its full sovereignty, endorsed the proposed timetable for Iraq's political transition under the sovereign Interim Government, including holding elections to a Transitional National Assembly and drafting a constitution leading to a constitutionally elected government, and decided that the United Nations would play a pivotal role in these processes. It also decided that the mandate of the multinational force should expire upon the completion of the political process by the end of the next year or earlier if requested by the Government of Iraq.

The resolution is most welcome, which enabled efforts of Iraqi people for the establishment of a their own new government to be launched within a UN-led framework as demanded by RENGO. We wish that this would be a step towards the establishment of a democratic, open government at the earliest date. Japan should in this process fulfil its mission towards the reconstruction of the country only, in particular in humanitarian assistance and assistance for country and human developments.

On the same day Prime Minister Koizumi officially pledged during a press conference after the Seal Island G8 summit that the Self-Defence Force (SDF) would participate in the multinational force. The government has been saying, "The SDF is not constitutionally allowed to participate in United Nations or multinational force, as far as its mandate requires use of armed force". The Prime Minister's pledge is an unacceptable about-turn of the security policy disproving the long-standing government's view.

Although the new United Nations resolution was adopted, the requirement for dispatch of the SDF provided by the Special Iraq Law remains unsatisfied as Iraq is still in a state of war. Prime Minister Koizumi has made the SDF activity in Samawah a fait accompli. It would be outrageous that he sends the SDF to participate in the multinational force under the current Special Iraq Law. The Diet should face up to the reality and give the highest priority to an Iraqi debate with a view to withdrawing the SDF even before the transfer at the end of the month.