10th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

22 July 2004
On July 15th, RENGO held its 10th Central Executive Committee Meeting at the SOHYO Kaikan Hall in Tokyo. The following is a list of agenda items that were discussed by the committee.

10th Central Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Thursday, July 15, 13:30-16:00
Place: Large Meeting Room on the second floor of Sohyo Kaikan Hall

1.Appointment of acting officials in conjunction with the change of official members at affiliated organizations
2.Filling of upcoming vacancies left by members of the board of officials recommendation committee
3.Changing of the official name of affiliated organizations (application)
4.Possible strategies by which RENGO will respond to government councils and other committees in the future
5.RENGO’s revision draft for the recommendation process of members to CHU I KYO (the Central Social Insurance Medical Council)
6.A summary of activities aimed at bringing about radical reform of the pension system as well as other future agenda matters (draft)
7.Issues regarding expenditures from the reserve fund
8.Matters pertaining to the ICFTU 18th World Congress delegation and its consultants (draft)
9.The establishment of a Forum for NGO-Trade unions in international cooperation and the invitation of participants to the Forum (draft)
10.RENGO's urgent response to the ICFTU’s Burma Campaign (draft)
11.Matters relating to the RENGO Political Center
Change of Political Center officials
Recommendations for endorsement of candidates for each of the various elections
July-August Schedule