12th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

30 September 2004
On September 16, RENGO conducted its 12th Central Executive Committee Meeting at SOHYO Kaikan Hall in Tokyo. The agenda items that were discussed are as follows.

12th Central Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Thursday, September 16, 13:00-16:30
Place: Large Meeting Room on the second floor of Sohyo Kaikan Hall

1.Appointment of acting officials in conjunction with the change of official members at affiliated organizations
2.Filling of upcoming vacancies left by members of the board of officials recommendation committee
3.Election of officials to fill vacancies at the 43rd Central Committee Meeting
4.Awards (plan)
5.Filling of vacancies for election board members
6.Selection of members to fill a vacant position in the Control Committee
7.Change of members, recommendation for members to serve on councils
8.Fiscal Year 2005 Plan of Activities (draft)
9.2nd Report by the Committee Studying the Establishment of Organizational Finance
10.Activity Policy to realize 2004 Fall Policies and Systems (draft)
11.RENGO Demands on the Equal Employment Opportunity Law revision and activities for its realization (draft)
12.Responses to the industrial court system (revised)
13.RENGO's tentative position on the foreign workers issue (draft)
14.Opinions on the 4th resolution draft for the ICFTU 18th World Congress
15.Development of activities on FY2004 "RENGO Philanthropic Fund" etc. (plan)
16.Implementation of the 76th May Day Central Rally
17.RENGO Political Center related matters
Recommendation of candidates for each election
18.Budget and settlement of account related matters
Financial statements/auditing report of the FY2004 accounting (draft)
Disposition of surplus funds of the FY2004 accounting (draft)
Budget draft for the FY2005 accounting
Request of cooperation of SEIHO ROREN (National Federation of Life Insurance Worker's Unions) for "organizational signature drive activity" demanding fulfillment of a tax system related to life insurance
Hold RENGO Broadband Symposium (plan)
FY2004 JILAF dispatch of International Exchange Teams of female union leaders
Seek participants for the 18th ICFTU-APRO Regional Conference
43rd Central Committee Meeting agenda and schedule (draft)
Schedule for September to October