13th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

01 November 2004
On October 21, RENGO held its 13th Central Executive Committee Meeting at the SOHYO Kaikan Hall in Tokyo. The following agenda items were discussed.

13th Central Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Thursday, October 21, 13:30-16:00
Place: Large Meeting Room on the second floor of Sohyo Kaikan Hall

1.2005 Spring Struggle Basic Idea (draft)
2.2004 fall activities to abolish "Unpaid Overtime" (draft)
3.Activities for Radical Social Security Reform (draft)
4.Activity policies to realize 2004 Fall Policies and Systems (part 2) (draft)
5.Responses to discussions at the Financial Services Agency Financial System Council Sectional Committee on the Financial System the 2nd Subcommittee: "Points of contention on handling unauthorized mutual aid" (draft)
6.RENGO's current position on the foreign workers issue (draft)
7.Agreement on an united action by RENGO, GENSUIKIN (Japan Congress against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs), and KAKKIN (National Council for Peace and Against Nuclear Weapons) for the abolition of nuclear weapons
8.Contributions from the International Solidarity Fund II
9.Changes and recommendations of council members
Recommendation of industrial court judges
Schedule Change for the 18th ICFTU-APRO Regional Conference
Meeting and rally schedule changes
Publication of The History of the RENGO Movement volume 3
Annual investigation plan
RENGO Headquarters Secretariat system for the prevention of and countermeasures against sexual harassment (draft)
Schedule for creating FY2006-2007 "Demands and Proposals on Policies/Systems" and pre-event questionnaire (draft)
Holding forums by topic at the "2004 Lifestyle Reexamination Forum"
Conducting the "Here's How to Change the Nursing Care Insurance System" Symposium
Schedule for October to November