15th Central Executive Committee Meeting Held

22 November 2004
November 11, RENGO Held its 15th Central Executive Committee Meeting at the Ikenohata Culture Center in Tokyo. The agenda items discussed at the meeting were as follows.

15th Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Time: Thursday, November 11, 13:30-16:00
Place: Ikenohata Culture Center

1.2005 Spring Struggle Policy (draft)
2.Immediate response to employment of young people (plan)
3.Immediate response to deliberations at the Sectional Committee on Employment for the People with Disabilities, Labour Policy Council, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (draft, part 1)
4.Immediate response to the Industrial Safety and Health Law revision (draft)
5.The second period aggregate report on the "2003-2005 Expansion of Organization" (draft)
6.Withdrawal of TANRO (Japan Coal Miners' Union) and IYAKUHIN ROKYO (Council of Labor Unions of Pharmaceutical Industries) from RENGO
7.Relief activities for natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons
8.RENGO's position (draft) on the congress theme reports and draft resolutions on the ICFTU 18th World Congress in Miyazaki, Japan
9.Selection of RENGO recommended members for the CHU-I-KYO (Central Social Insurance Medical Council)
10.Change of members, recommendation of council members, etc.
11.RENGO Political Center-related matters
Change of Political Center Chairperson and Executives (draft)
Recommendation of candidates for gubernatorial elections
Conducting the 8th employment real conditions survey
Seeking participants for the 93rd Session (May-June 2005) of the International Labour Conference (ILO)
"RENGO Headquarters disaster prevention/emergency response manual"
44th Central Committee Meeting agenda/Establishment of the Steering Committee of the Central Committee (draft)
Schedule for November to December